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English : A few years back, I was able to obtain on photocopies of those old articles from the French “Jazz Magazine” (1957). Written by Yves Salgues (1924, 1997) journalist and author, it was recently re-published (2010) for Django’s 100th anniversary. Very nice drawings were originally included in 1957. It was published in 9 consecutive articles.

The other one is offered in english - this was the very first “bio” of Django I placed on the website in the late 90‘s and it is extracted from the liner notes included in a 10 CD box set of Django (EMI France - Djangology).  The liner notes are from the hand of Alain Antonietto (see note on the right).

Français : Deux excellents textes sur Django Reinhardt, l’un d’Alain Antonietto, puisé du coffret de 10 CD d’EMI France, l’autre beaucoup plus ancien et très diffèrent dans son style, de Yves Salgues (1957).

Cet article de Salgues (1924, 1997) avait été publié en 9 épisodes dans Jazz Magazine. Il a été récemment republié dans un numéro consacré au 10e anniversaire de la naissance de Django. J’ai cru bon aller chercher sur le site de Patrus53 une petite bio d’Alain Antonietto (ici a droite).

Bonne lecture …Good reading…

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Alain Antonietto is the world’s pioneering historian of jazz  tsigane.  He is the author of numerous articles on Romany music, a long-time contributor to La Revue Etudes Tsiganes, and his authoritative writing in numerous Gypsy Jazz album and CD sleeves cannot be counted. He is a prodigious collector of rare Gypsy music. He is also the co-author of Django Reinhardt: Un géant sur son nuage and Django Reinhardt: Rythmes futurs. He lives in Belleville, Paris France.
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